Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hon Heo - "capital city" (Small) Ha Long of the South

Pristine beaches have varie geological structure adjacent to primary forest, colorful beach pebbles "show off" in the blue sea water ...That experience "amused" when I "budget travel" to Hon Heo, Ba Lua Islands (Kien Giang).

When you see the tourist map of Kien Giang Ba Lua archipelago that dense I just want to rent all the island boat tour, but because the funding for the trip "budget travel" running low, I finally just had to most typical island , Hon Heo. The reason I chose Hon Heo by looking on the map, a marker "dots" red as a seal between the image of the island has made ​​me curious and pay attention, this is perhaps the island especially in the more than 40 islands Ba Lua archipelago?

Discover Ba Lua Islands

Please note the following note to take a trip to the "desert island" really and fun.

If you go to Ba Lua Islands. You must go to the dock of Hang Pagoda resort - Hòn Phụ Tử (Kien Luong - Kien Giang - Vietnam). From here, you can rent a boat to explore the coast, this island still wild. Each island has a few households often live, there are individual islands there is only one family.

Discover Ba Lua Islands
Hire a boat to explore islands is a good choice.

Travel Experiences Ba Lua Islands: Unspoiled beauty and charm

Ba Lua Islands is an archipelago locating in the Gulf of Thailand, bring pristine beauty has just had the mysterious allure, the location is ideal cruise.

Ba Lua Islands also called Binh Tri. It constitutes Son Hai Commune of Kien Luong District, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam. Ba Lua off the coast of the cape Hon Chong. Land adjacent to the limestone islands about 45 large and small, Incomplete list of islands as Hòn Một, Hòn Lô Cốc, Hòn Đá Lửa, Hòn Heo, Hòn Đá Bạc, Hòn Rễ Lớn, Hòn Rễ Nhỏ, Hòn Nhum, Hòn Ngang...

Travel Experiences Ba Lua Islands: Unspoiled beauty and charm
Ba Lua Islands - Kien Giang Province
The total area of ​​approximately 100 ha, average elevation of less than 100m, between way match from 100 -3,000m. There are about 10 islands with a population of about 2,300 people living there. The island is also the basis of the shelter where the fishermen from the exploitation and processing of seafood. Living freshwater resources taken from some wells and rainwater storage tanks. At the end of the dry season, most water must be transported from the mainland. The archipelago is known as "(Small) Ha Long of the South".

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Introduction to Bà Lụa Islands

Bà Lụa Islands (VietnameseQuần đảo Bà Lụa) is an archipelago locating in the Gulf of Thailand. It constitutes Sơn Hải Commune of Kiên Lương DistrictKiên Giang ProvinceVietnam. The archipelago is known as "(Small) Ha Long of the South".

Introduction to Bà Lụa Islands
Ba Lua Islands


There are several different interpretations to the name of the islands. Some sources explain that Bà Lụa is the Chinese Vietnamese wife of an influential Frenchman coming here to exploit the area; since all of related legal papers were in her name, the islands was named Bà Lụa. Anh Dong (2010) claims that Bà Lụa ("Lady Silk") is the name of a female general in charge of military logistics who established a silk mill on the islands in order to supply Nguyễn Trung Trực's militia force. Another source says that around 1858, a feudal mandarin married a beautiful and gentle wife who wanted to stay away from the officialdom and eventually settled on the islands. Every day she raised silkworms and wove silk, so the islands has been called Bà Lụa ever since.