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Discover Ba Lua Islands

Please note the following note to take a trip to the "desert island" really and fun.

If you go to Ba Lua Islands. You must go to the dock of Hang Pagoda resort - Hòn Phụ Tử (Kien Luong - Kien Giang - Vietnam). From here, you can rent a boat to explore the coast, this island still wild. Each island has a few households often live, there are individual islands there is only one family.

Discover Ba Lua Islands
Hire a boat to explore islands is a good choice.
You can bring a tent, hammock and camping on the island because the island has so many beautiful beaches, spacious camp terrain, cool ...or stay overnight at households. If the camping itself, in addition to preparing hammocks, tents, sleeping bags, you should bring flashlight, cigarette lighters, knives, spring water, personal prophylaxis and little noodle ...

Discover Ba Lua Islands
You can equip the essentials for a picnic to enjoy seaside weekend.
Often, the ship owner will have skillet, pot, rice, bring your food and you can borrow. Once there, you can buy fish of the pisciculturist then grilling fish and hear stories of the sea very attractive. The menu often as salad fresh anchovies, cobia soup, grilled squid eggs, cellana, oyster porridge ...

Discover Ba Lua Islands
And ensure delicious fresh seafood on the islands will make you enjoy
On the island, you can "improve" as going by picking oysters, snails in the reef. Or you can also buy fish, shrimp, crabs, snails of the people on the island are available. Coconuts have pretty much grown on the slopes of the island, sweet water, cool.

Travel around the island.
Ba Lua Islands is one of the many scenic tourist attraction in Kien Giang province. The Islands have many small islands, each island has many caves to explore. The islands are mostly in the form of limestone, below 100m elevation, clustered offshore Hon Chong.

Each island has its own name, associated with the legend story: Hòn Một, Hòn Nhum, Hòn Ngang, Hòn Lô Cốc...The mountains have many shapes, the result of soluble, water intrusion from rain, sea waves, groundwater, over hundreds of millions of years.

The first point in the expedition Islands are Hòn Rễ Lớn và Hòn Rễ Nhỏ. Two islands are considered outpost defending the islands. On the islands, white sandy beaches, coconut trees located under the shadow of trees. Sea here year round deep blue. The area near the edge of the island, crystal clear water, sit in the boat could see roaming herds of fish in the sea.

Kien Giang Tourist Company has invested VND 8 billion contract to build Hòn Rễ Nhỏ resorts, to create a play area, relax, rest, organize and bathing services, fishing and marine sports games. There will be canoes, The shuttle yacht is tourists from the mainland to Hòn Rể Nhỏ, visiting Ba Lua archipelago.

The next destination is Hang Tiền. This is a mostly in the form of limestone, has a length of 150m through the left heart axis Southwest Mountain - Northeast. According to legend, when King Nguyen Anh flee in panic to hide this money and wealth. And a theory that this is where the minting of Mac Thien Tich. Today, still occasionally find the Nguyen Dynasty coins, therefore, people here call Hang Tiền. Tourists usually visit the southwest entrance to the occasion when immersed in a pristine romantic beaches.

Hon Heo is also an attractive destination for tourists, because it is the center of the island Son Hai Commune. If you go to Hòn Heo. You must go to the dock of Ba Hon. Hon Heo has an area of about 150 hectares with a perimeter of about 7 km. On the island there is a fishing village with about 400 households. From the center of the fishing village, in the opposite direction clockwise, just out fishing village met at the beach.

Discover Ba Lua Islands
Pristine beaches with gravel strips immersed in pure water.
Sandy beach isn't beautiful but between the sea and the flap through primeval forest so wild. Go all around 500m long sandy beach is stone and pebble beaches, laterite with diverse geological structure, is diverse. Sometimes, we see a lone grave lies among trees close to the sea edge, suggesting ineffable sadness. Hon Heo overnight stay motel room without looking, just ask any house slept are acceptable. Especially the night, we did not need to shut down to prevent theft, people sleep on the peaceful island.

In order to visit the islands in Ba Lua, explore the unspoiled island, experience the life of the fisherman you can contact the local fishermen to charter tours.

Discover Ba Lua Islands
You can contact with local people to rent boats to visit and explore the island.
Ba Lua Islands there are many beautiful islands, very hard to come off of the island so you should only choose a few beautiful islands. Ba Hòn Đầm (gồm Hòn Đàm Dương, hòn Đước, hòn Giếng)  is where many people had been discovered. There are beautiful beaches, there are many kinds of fresh seafood such as fish, crabs, squid, crab, Nhum, snails ...

Sunrise and sunset on the islands is the most beautiful moments of nature. You'll see the sun rise and dive into the sea with very beautiful pink. Hundreds of fishing boats moored in the Bay of Islands to hide the wind, when the rest of the way, there are a vast'm floating between sky and sea.

If you're lucky, on a journey across the sea, you can see dolphins herd of so-called "ông Nược" racing swimming, playing and tumbling under the train. People told, Dolphins and Dugong and is still common in waters Ba Lua - Hon Nghe - Phu Quoc. They seem friendly people.

Looking lives here, sure you will not have a day out of his desire to become the " island governor". Living a simple life, not necessarily separated from the outside world, but very private and peaceful, serene natural environment fresh. And you will feel reluctant to leave the island when the boat picked up the next day.

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  1. Wow! Ba Lua has a lot of islands you can choose to hop to and fro. I bet you really had a sumptuous meal with all those crabs and other seafood delicacies! From Singapore, I am planning to continue my solitary travel to Ba Lua. I checked out other options to reach Ba Lua which are available here Since I have no choice but to reach Ba Lua by plane, I will make sure I will never miss those crabs!